DEGA was founded in 1978 by the will of the two founders, who decide to create their own company after having worked for many years as maintenance technician for the most important Italian manufacturer of Injection Moulding machine at that time.

In 1982 DEGA began the production of special equipments for its customers, and established their reputation in the area for their reliability and competence.

Over the years, the requests for their equipments, appreciated for innovations and for their reliability, increased continuously.

In early ‘80 born the hopper feeder ASPIROPLAST, the first in the world to be built in stainless steel as standard, with the possibility to set the stop and the working time. In the same period born the DRY PLAST 3000, a real innovation on the hygroscopic materials drying. Easy to handle, with its versatility, its low price and high reliability, became well known all around the world, and built in thousands pieces, is still valid and requested as before.

In 1990 we began the construction of our actual production site, which extended over the years has now reached an area of 4600 square meters.

In 2000, due to the excellent economic performance of turnover, and in order to give to the company a more appropriate legal aspect, the company has turned into DEGA S.p.A. Corporation and with this new juridical asset, prepared itself to the new CE market (European Community), and to the challenges of the Eastern markets.

From 2005 we start a joint venture with HARMO, one of the biggest Japanese Cartesians robots and automations manufacturers. As HARMO-DEGA we assemble and install the machines for the European & Mediterranean Market.

On 2006, a new branch company DEGA America was open in Mexico City to attend and to stay closer to the whole American Market. In the same year a new production plant DEGA Beijing was also open in China, in order to follow the Chinese Market and the Asian Market.

With this organization DEGA S.p.A. is ready to the challenge of the new millennium, with a wide range of high-quality products and with the understanding that: to be closer of his customers is the best strategy to go ahead on the way traced 30 years ago from the founders.