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  • 41612N SLIDE Entformhilfe ECO – Silikonhaltig

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    Econo Enformungshilfsmittel Silikonhaltig (41612N)

    • Hilft bei der Entformung
    • Lebensmitteltauglich
    • Rückstandsfrei
    • Geruchlos

    Max. Einsatztemperatur : +320°C
    Füllgewicht : 326 g

    CHF 6.20
  • 42612 SLIDE Entformungshilfe Universal

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    SLIDE 42612H Entformungshilfsmittel universal

    Universal mold release agent No. 42612H

    • No chlorinated solvents
    • Non-silicone paintable
    • Food-approved lubricant(+++++)
    • Use where parts must be painted, hot-stamped or metalized
    • Colorless
    • Maximum operating temperature: 600ºF

    Universal is just that, a broad universal release that can be used on all thermoplastics, even more sensitive plastics. Approved as a direct food additive (+++++), Universal also meets certain requirements for molding medical products – contact us for details. Universal will not interfere with part bonding, heat sealing, laminating, ultrasonic welding or post-decorating.

    (+++++) Meets or exceeds FDA and USP/NF requirements for 21 CFR 172.878, 21 CFR 178.3620 and 21 CFR 573.680

    NOTICE TO PURCHASER: User shall determine suitability of product for his intended use and assumes all risk and liability in connection herewith.

    Démoulant universel
    Agent sans silicone, peut être peint, métallisé ou sérigraphié. Exempt de produits chimiques nuisibles à la couche d’ozone. Lubrifiant homologué FDA.
    Biodégradable et sans odeur. Peut être utilisé avec la plupart des thermoplastiques. Il permet également les soudures HF.
    Température maxi de service : + 320°C
    Contenance : 340 gr.

    CHF 10.30
  • 42810R SLIDE Schneller Konservierer ROT

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    SLIDE 42810 Schneller Konservierer

    Quick Rust Preventive (Quick RP) with red indicator dye No. 42810R

    • No chlorinated solvents
    • Ultra-dry formula
    • 2-year protection, protects up to two years under normal indoor storage conditions.
    • Non-penetrating
    • Will not bleed out and mark parts
    • Neutralizes fingerprints
    • Non-silicone, non-wax formulation
    • Self-cleaning in start-up

    Slide Quick RP employs a combination of fast evaporating solvents and oils to set up quickly on your mold surfaces, providing immediate protection against moisture and light acids. This unique “dry” package makes clean-up quick and easy when the mold is put back into production, saving time and money .

    CHF 6.80
  • 43911 SLIDE Hochtemperaturfett

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    SLIDE 43911 Hochtemperaturfett

    Super Grease lubricant aerosol No. 43911

    • No chlorinated solvents
    • NSF-H1 ( download NSF approval letter )
    • NLGI #2 high temperature range grease
    • Colorless & odorless, excellent dielectric strength
    • Contains PTFE, no silicones
    • Will not bleed out; paintable
    • Operating Temperatures.: -45F to +650F*
    • Reviewed and Approved by Health Canada ( download Health Canada approval letter )

    Super Grease will not separate, run or fall out and has exceptional load-bearing properties. Thixotropic properties provide excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. A clear, clean, non-yellowing grease, Super Grease is ideal for injection molds, mold assemblies, and especially medical and food grade plastic parts. It also repels water and prevents corrosion.

    Graisse haute température – GAmmE ECONOmIqUE
    Graisse spécialement étudiée pour les hautes
    températures d’utilisation. Exempt de produits chimiques
    nuisibles à la couche d’ozone, incolore et inodore. Dotée
    de propriétés diélectriques excellentes, elle contient du
    Téflon. Ne gèle pas, ne s’encrasse pas. Sans silicone,
    compatible avec d’autres lubrifiants. Ne coule pas,
    peut être peinte ; graisse claire non jaunissante avec
    d’excellentes propriétés thixotropiques qui lui fournissent
    une stabilité mécanique exceptionnelle lors de brusques
    changements de température.
    Graisse idéale pour les moules d’injection et outillages
    destinés à des applications médicales ou alimentaires.
    Contenance : 445 gr.

    CHF 10.95
  • 45712N SLIDE Pure Eze Entformungshilfe – Ohne Silikon

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    SLIDE Pure Eze Enformungshilfsmittel ohne Silikon Nr. 45712N
    Diese Produkt wurde entwickelt, um eine einfache Entformung für viele Kunststoffe zu unterstützen. Es eignet sich bei Polyolefinen, Polykarbonaten, Kautschuk und gewissen epoxibasierten Materialien. Es ist Ölbasiert, neutralem Weissöl, es entält kein Lecitin.
    Es ist lebensmitteltauglich und auch für Anwendungen in der Medizintechnik geeignet.
    Es hinterlässt keinen Farbstich auf den Teilen und verändert auch seine Farbe nach langer Zeit nicht.

    Anwendungstemperatur max.: + 315°C
    Füllmenge: 326 g

    The Slide Pure Eze mold release agent is easy to use. Main ingredient is comprised of hydrocarbon. Is rated as Food Grade. Can be used to a maximum temperature of +600 F. In addition to the other features this product meets the following standards: 21 CFR 172.878, 21 CFR 178.3620, 21 CFR 182.4521, 21 CFR 573.680, UL Recognized. This mold release agent is packaged 12 per case.

    Brand: Slide
    Trade Name: Pure Eze
    Chemical Base: Hydrocarbon
    Grade: Food Grade
    Paintable: Paintable
    Package Type: Aerosol Can
    Maximum Operating Temperature: +600 °F
    Color: White
    Standards Met: 21 CFR 172.878; 21 CFR 178.3620; 21 CFR 182.4521; 21 CFR 573.680; UL Recognized
    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): 97 %
    Storage Condition: Store in a Cool, Dark, Well-Ventilated Area
    Package Quantity: 12 per case

    CHF 7.05
  • 45920 SLIDE Entfetter 3

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    Econo Spray Mold Cleaner (45612) Reinigungsspray

    • Reinigt die Oberflächen von Werkzeugflächen Rückstandsfrei

    CHF 5.30