6120008400 ambersil Additiv-Entferner

6120008400 ambersil Additiv-Entferner

ambersil 6120008400 Additiv-Entferner

The 6120008400 is a heavy-duty Mould Cleaner for use with removal of plastics, rubbers and resin. It also effective on other materials such as cellulose resins and alkyd resins. It is an extremely effective and powerful solvent blend, which has been developed for use on heavily soiled moulds and dies to remove a variety of moulding deposits. The product offers a controlled rate of evaporation for maximum efficiency. After cleaning, any residual solvent will evaporate to leave the surface clean and dry. Apply directly onto the soiling and wipe away. For extremely heavy contamination or stubborn deposits, allow the solvent to penetrate thoroughly before wiping the surface clean.

Hydrocarbon odour
Soluble in solvents and most organic solvents
4 bar Pressure at 25°C

CHF 14.35

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Gewicht 350 kg
Größe 210 × 70 × 70 mm



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